Gunshots In The Dark


Up Against the Screen, MF
Anyone fancy a revolutionary movie night sometime?

I'm thinking:

The Weather Underground

Chicago 10

Masked and Anonymous

Badassss Cinema

and Agnes Varda's Huey!

Any takers?

Oh, alright then
Guilty pleasure ahoy.

I always imagine Exalted to be like this, somehow. It never seems to turn out that way.


 Has been a discombobulating day today. I put waaay more thought into marking review scrips than I really should.
Also, I have some steampunk horror based on the Turners to finish.
And a story about gargoyles.
Consoling myself with strong tea and 2000AD, which continues to be the merry old load of wank it always has been.
Thank God.

When the Quiet Fall to Silence
So, a good friend of mine died last week, from a heart attack. It seems appropriate to make a note if it, because she was certainly one of my inspirations as a writer, perhaps because I saw a little of myself in her work, perhaps because she had such felicity for the strange and the curious, the profound and the profane. We were both very much looking forward to reading at the Gallery in May, and this has come as something of a hammer blow.
Best just to say that the world will suffer a dearth of beautiful words from now on I feel.
But, we all soldier on, because, as one of the gang put it, Gabrielle never used full stops.

La muerte es una vida vivida. La vida es una muerte que viene.

Tipping Point
I was told by phone this evening that I won the National Galleries of Scotland writing competition.

The official results aren't out today.

I hope they didn't get it wrong.

Glory be. This is unbelievable. Not really coherent enough to comment further.



Support the Titian Campaign

As I'm sure you all know, The National Gallery and the National Galleries of Scotland have been offered the unique opportunity to purchase Titian’s ‘Diana and Actaeon’. To do this they need to raise £50 million before 31 December 2008.

If funds can be raised, the two galleries will then have the chance to purchase the second picture, ‘Diana and Callisto’ for a similar amount. If that's are successful, the two Titian paintings will be displayed in London and Edinburgh, alternating between the galleries every five years.

If we don't secure these masterpieces for future generations, it'll be an absolute tragedy.

Missives from the Desk of the Hierophant
I have begun actually writing the PhD. So far, it seems easy. I assume this is because Fate is lurking behind me in the metaphorical prison shower of my mind with an expectant smile, casually lining up a selection of soaps with an inordinate fondness for gravity. I'll enjoy it while it lasts mind. Like a strawberry bootlace of progress.
In non-academia, plans are starting to take shape for an Indie Games Weekend, which should proceed thusly:

Day 1) Play Games.

Day 1 Evening) Go to restaurant with everyone. Eat massive amounts of fine things. Return to base. Booze/caffeine/1920's zombie movies featuring Bela Lugosi's eyes.

Day 2) Play Moar Games.

If this sounds like the sort of thing you'd be interested in, let me know, and I'll cut you in. If not, how do you know me? Will hopefully be dragging people from outside of Edinburgh, so limited bedspace may be available for them as needs it.

In non-academia, non-geekademia, the book will be copyrighted and up on its own wiki site as of this weekend. Anyone interested in serving as an intermittent proofreader/idea springboard, again drop me a line. Some of you, I will be deliberately hunting down because I know you are prone to saying nice things. This is mainly a device for me to straighten out plot strands prior to writing the last few chapters, but I see no reason not to subject myself to my adoring (lawd) public once again.

Musically, I'm stutter-stepping between Champion Jack Dupree, thanks to the benevolence of Folkways, and Kala, which I still can't get out my skull. $20 remains the best Pixies cover I've ever heard. Leaven it with a bit of P.J. Harvey and Alina Simone, spice with a little Seth Lakeman, and we are cooking. In the kitchen. The Kitchen of Sound.

Lastly, has anyone read the Dark Tower by King. I really, really need to have overly intense wine-fuelled discussions with someone about it. Seriously.

That will be all for now, dear readers.

President Barack Obama
So, America just elected its first African-American president.
I'll let that hang there for a few seconds,

It doesn't get more significant than this. A few short decades ago blacks and whites couldn't drink the same water, ride the same bus, or eat at the same counter in the United States.
If you're American, you should be very proud right now, and the rest of us, we can breathe a sight of relief.
Here's hoping Barack makes the most of this incredible opportunity. I like to think he will.
I feel bessed to be alive to see such progress, we all are really.
I'd be more coherent, more analytical, but damn it's late.
This is awesome.
This is  beautiful.
This is momentous.
This is a day for the history books, and I've never been happier to say it.

Can we do it?
Yes, we can.

I'm off to watch his speech. This is going to be unbelieveable.


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