Gunshots In The Dark


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Louder than Sirens, Louder than Bells
 So, after almost two months of doing nothing of note on the book, I've managed to write three chapters in two days. Between 2 and 3 in the morning usually.
I'm quite convinced these are possibly some of the best things I've ever written.
It would be lovely if that turned out to be true.
One of them made my girlfriend cry.
I am unsure if this is an endorsement.

The lesson here is, real life may impede you during most of the day, but you can always chase your dreams in the dead of night, when real life is fast asleep.

In other news, exhibition opens in two weeks.

Drumming Song is beautiful.

I miss everyone in America something terrible.

Johnathan Stroud is surprisingly good when read in tandem with A.S. Byatt.


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