Gunshots In The Dark


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Detaching tact filter in 3, 2, 1....
So given that  FBI Director Robert Mueller has apparently lost all sense of diplomacy, sense or perspective, I thought I'd weigh in with my irrevelant and lightweight two cents. 

Regarding Al Megrahi, I see the opposition to his release falling into two camps.

1) Justice is not being done. To which I guess the answer is: If our society has reached the point where we need to fetishise the incarceration of a dying man to fulfil our need for 'justice', something has gone terribly wrong. The continuation of suffering does not somehow manufacture justice. It manufactures, at best, revenge and bitterness. Compassion is not a quality which must be held distinct from a justice system.

2) It is a Conspiracy! Megrahi is being traded to Gaddafi for oil and money and kinder eggs. Well, so what? Politicians politic. If letting a terminal cancer patient return home nets some shadowy concession somewhere, I don't particularly care. The act itself has merit.

I can understand the distress being felt by the family of the victims. This is a horrible, convoluted case, and with Megrahi dying, the last chance at answers probably goes with him. But insisting on the flagellation of one man will neither bring back your loved ones, nor bring forth answers. There reaches a point where you're just flogging flesh to hear it scream.

And the rest of you Americans, self-righteously threatening to boycott Scottish tourism?
Get fucked. 
Your country is tearing itself apart prostituting its poorest and weakest to the whims of big business and this is what you choose to focus on? Take your self-righteous pseudo-Christian bloodhounding somewhere else, because I'm sick to the back teeth of it.

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The fact that the Scottish justice system has "compassionate release" is surely something to be celebrated rather than seen as something weak. And the FBI can go jump up my ass.

Also, the Americans that are going to boycott coming here? I bet you £5 that they were never going to come here in the first place...and probably don't have passports.

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