Gunshots In The Dark


Starting up diaries on here.
Got up did dishes had shower, had coffee and brain listened to PYHT emailed estate agents about bath and pig, chatted on twitter, got really good feedback on book from Emma, gather chapter fragments, emailed nora messages Chris, started diary, contact EA customer support again, finished up fixing watchdogs, had lunch, washed lunch dishes, did exercise. Unpacked boxes from room, sorted drawers, went a walk, talked to Alice, went to bed for a bit with headache made dinner, wacthed AGents of Shield, did dinner dishes, Alice again.

Louder than Sirens, Louder than Bells
 So, after almost two months of doing nothing of note on the book, I've managed to write three chapters in two days. Between 2 and 3 in the morning usually.
I'm quite convinced these are possibly some of the best things I've ever written.
It would be lovely if that turned out to be true.
One of them made my girlfriend cry.
I am unsure if this is an endorsement.

The lesson here is, real life may impede you during most of the day, but you can always chase your dreams in the dead of night, when real life is fast asleep.

In other news, exhibition opens in two weeks.

Drumming Song is beautiful.

I miss everyone in America something terrible.

Johnathan Stroud is surprisingly good when read in tandem with A.S. Byatt.

 This week's research/topics of finding outness in order of nothing at all:

The Fianna
Ice Cube
Cold War interrogation techniques
Symptoms of PTSD
The Targum Johnathan
Cults of ancient Carthage
The warding properties of rosemary and rowan
Hard Rock Returns to Prison
Rokia Traore
Revolutionary Suicide
Mouse Guard: Winter 1152
Ahsoka Tano
How to make robots function in a desert environment
If it's possible to braid pigtails onehanded

Thank sweet baby Moses I'm having a break weekend down in L-town, or my brain would be falling outta the front of my face.

I hope you are all having a fine time.

Detaching tact filter in 3, 2, 1....
So given that  FBI Director Robert Mueller has apparently lost all sense of diplomacy, sense or perspective, I thought I'd weigh in with my irrevelant and lightweight two cents. 

Regarding Al Megrahi, I see the opposition to his release falling into two camps.

1) Justice is not being done. To which I guess the answer is: If our society has reached the point where we need to fetishise the incarceration of a dying man to fulfil our need for 'justice', something has gone terribly wrong. The continuation of suffering does not somehow manufacture justice. It manufactures, at best, revenge and bitterness. Compassion is not a quality which must be held distinct from a justice system.

2) It is a Conspiracy! Megrahi is being traded to Gaddafi for oil and money and kinder eggs. Well, so what? Politicians politic. If letting a terminal cancer patient return home nets some shadowy concession somewhere, I don't particularly care. The act itself has merit.

I can understand the distress being felt by the family of the victims. This is a horrible, convoluted case, and with Megrahi dying, the last chance at answers probably goes with him. But insisting on the flagellation of one man will neither bring back your loved ones, nor bring forth answers. There reaches a point where you're just flogging flesh to hear it scream.

And the rest of you Americans, self-righteously threatening to boycott Scottish tourism?
Get fucked. 
Your country is tearing itself apart prostituting its poorest and weakest to the whims of big business and this is what you choose to focus on? Take your self-righteous pseudo-Christian bloodhounding somewhere else, because I'm sick to the back teeth of it.

Eartime, Doo-doo-do-do
 Hello Internet,
I ask you, is there anything better than finding several long lost and obscure tunes faintly clinging to life on an old battered CD-R? Tunes that even the internets will not provide.
No Internet, there is not. That is the answer to that question.

I Aten't Dead
And Joh's coming up at the weekend.
Small mercies, small packages.


So it goes
The collection of Artist's Books at the Dean is unbelievably impressive. Wrote some mighty fine pieces this week, even if I say so myself, which,I never do. Also, Venus is going in the exhibition, and the gargoyle story is nearly done, just need to get it bound and copyrighted.
Off to Spain this weekend, partly because my cousin is getting married, and partly because I really need to get out of this country, even if only briefly. 
Not that the  rest of the world is doing much better. America rots and China burns. Iran gluts itself on the blood of its youth. Twitter journalism spits faked false photos of imagined resistance.
So it goes. Nothing changes.
It isn't just that humanity is atavistic. It's that I suspect that it wants to be.

Paperpaperpicture maker.
 Miro rocks.


Real Life Television
Unexpected discoveries this week:

Swedish electronica sufficient to make me buy new speakers solely for the pleasure of hearing it.

A plethora of bees.

My Milk Toof.


In roughly that order.

Are You the Sun? No? Then shut it.
Dear lord, if I bite my tongue any more this week it's going to drop off. 


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